You can call me Shan


I have been an artist all my life. I knew in kindergarten that playing with colors all day was as good as life could ever get for me. I once heard it said that an artist's responsibility is to hold up a mirror to the rest of us and show us who we are and to reflect the times we live in. To that end, I find people such interesting subjects, so beautiful in their differences, doing the things they do. From the "daily-ness" of an Irish dancer's life, practicing to become a champion, to mothers and their tender love for their children, to people simply living Life. 

I'm an adopted child, a mother of three, and a wife. I mention that I'm adopted because it always seems to inform everything about who I am, especially my art. That aside, my children are my greatest works of art and the very life in my veins. There is also no one like my husband, truly one of the best men ever born.

Besides art, I'm a garden fanatic. "She who tends a garden, still her Eden keeps" is one of my favorite quotes. I'm a natural born tomboy, so the dirt and muck beneath my fingernails not only doesn't bother me, it thrills me. When I'm not in my studio, I'm either exercising, playing hooky with my kids, planning our next feast of a meal, or having a glass of wine by the pool.

How I ever got so lucky to live this life, I'll never know.